Savor the Cusine

Dining RoomLife in the country in TX has some unique differences from city life. One of the biggest of these is the absence of fast food restaurants; therefore, most meals are prepared at home. To say that mealtime is important in our household is an understatement - it is the high point of our day! Meals have been a time for us to gather together, sometimes for hours, laughing and talking. Our bed and breakfast inn guests are always welcome as well. Regardless of whether we eat in the kitchen, on a sailboat at anchor, while lounging on a riverbank, or while taking part in a truly decadent affair in the beautiful dining room, mealtimes are part of the glue that holds our family together.

BBQ ChefThe dishes on this menu are some of the family's favorites. The flavors range from French to Italian to Mexican to Caribbean gourmet. Whether you choose to grill the food yourself or allow us to serve you in your guest cottage or picnic area, these recipes are tried and true and are guaranteed to engender that extra romance and pampering that a home away from home should provide.

fruit and cheese at Knolle Farm

As we are also busy TX ranchers, we do have two requests:

  1. Please make your choice a couple of days in advance of your arrival.
  2. As the meals are served family style, please limit your choices to one entrée per group. If you have any special requests, we will try to accommodate you - just ask!

All dinners include salad, delicious fresh vegetables that complement the meal and a luscious dessert.

Place setting
Luncheon served by pool


The menu below includes choices for dinner or lunch at the B&B, and is not the menu for weddings and events. Please ask the management to see the wide variety of foods that we can provide for larger groups.

Steaks for Grilling. Choice Angus Ribeye or Beef Tenderloin steaks, marinated and ready for grilling (our ranch favorite).

Beef Tenderloin. Choice Angus Beef Tenderloin, flamed with brandy, crusted with peppercorns and herbs and roasted to your liking (a special holiday meal).

Veal Scallopini. Thin sliced veal, cooked with lemon juice, white wine, green peppers, mushrooms and plenty of fresh parmesan cheese, beautifully baked and served with angel hair pasta (delightfully Italian).

Rack of Lamb. Fresh New Zealand lamb crusted with bread crumbs, garlic and parsley (quite a special treat).

Cornish Game Hen. Basted with lime juice and brown sugar for a crusty glaze (an individual delicate feast).

Lemon Cream Chicken. Boned chicken breast sautéed and served with a rich lemon cream sauce, laced with sherry and topped with fresh Parmesan cheese (light, but luscious!).

Pork Tenderloin. Whole pork tenderloin grilled with molasses glaze and served with a fruity mustard sauce (a delicious combination of flavors - hearty, but not heavy).

Scallops Provencale. Vine-ripened tomatoes, shallots, white wine and lemon reduce to provide a delicate background for tender scallops served over angel hair pasta.

Spicy Grilled New Orleans-Style Shrimp. Tangy shrimp grilled with garlic, chilies, pepper and lemon juice, served with a crusty baguette of French bread for sopping up the sauce.

Swordfish.* Prepared two ways: 1) grilled with garlic and lemon butter or 2) prepared "en brochette" with fresh vegetables and a homemade pesto sauce - either one is the [*] of all seafood!
*Upon Availability


Our version of Eggs Benedict
Fresh fruit served daily

Lunch or Picnic Specialties

The menu below includes choices for dinner or lunch at the B&B, and is not the menu for weddings and events. Please ask the management to see the wide variety of foods that we can provide for larger groups.

Note: Smoked salmon and beef tenderloin can be prepared "sandwich style" on a croissant for an easy canoe picnic.

Chilled salads and fruit; please inquire about our choices.

Bread, Cheese and Wine. A loaf of homemade bread with a variety of cheeses, a basket of fruit and a chilled bottle of champagne (tres romantique!). $23.00 / two persons

Stuffed Artichoke. Loaf of homemade bread and a tender artichoke, leaves stuffed with crabmeat, capers and green onions (a meal in itself). $18.00

Cold Grilled Salmon with Cucumber Sauce. Light and delicious, served with chilled vegetable (perfect for a warm day at the river). $24.00 / two persons

Quiche. Homemade traditional quiche Lorraine filled with bacon and swiss cheese. $15.00

Cold Smoked Salmon. Served European style with capers, cream cheese and sliced onion. $22.00

Cold Sliced Beef Tenderloin. Served with horseradish sauce and homemade bread. $22.00 / two persons