"We Are Family"


Here, at “the Farm” we are not only home to “human-folk”; but, lots of fun animals too. There is no limit to what form of “critter” we may welcome here. Strangely enough, if left alone , they all usually tend to live together in a state pretty close to “harmony”. Strange creatures become friends with very unlikely other strange creatures!


Our home boasts dogs, cats, a pet pig,” Elvis”, peacocks, a llama, donkeys, horses, a miniature horse, “Dusty”, many cows, and maybe even more that animals we are unaware of. At one of our other barns, you can add goats, chickens in a hen house, filled with fresh eggs, ducks, more peacocks, and another pet miniature pig. Please take a few minutes and let us introduce you to some of the members of our “Animal Family”.