Barn Sitting Area/ Knolle General Store

“A Re-born Barn with Lots to Offer”

Once a home to hundreds of Jersey Cows, this fun area has been transformed into a fun “hang-out” area, w/ comfy seating and loads charm…. It can even serve as a venue for small, rustic events, or even one that is “country elegant.”

Talk about “sustainable building”! Once the home to hundreds of Jersey Cows, this fun area used to be our “Main Show Barn”, where decades of school children road buses out to watch the gentle Jersey’s being milked, (and drink Knolle milk in little milk boxes).

Today the central area of this historic Texas barn and ranch has been transformed into a multi-functional “hang-out” area, with comfy seating, interesting pieces of artwork, and loads charm…This great spot now serves as everything from a gun cleaning area for South Texas hunts, a recreation, “play” area, darts, or, it can even serve as a wedding venue for small, rustic weddings/ events. It is an ideal location for a Rehearsal Dinner, and, we have even turned it around to serve as the “pinterest-perfect” reception venue for a rustic wedding that was over the top “country elegant”.

Be sure to ask about “The Tack Room”, which now houses our little commissary – alias, “Knolle General Store”. Yes, it really is a “tack room” for our saddles, bridles, fishing poles, and family vacation games. But, guests will discover an array of interesting items for sale, from the yummy products from our artisan farm, including our “Bees Knees” honey, home made soaps w/ garden herbs, peacock feathers, wine accessories, and different sorts of South Texas ranch and equine memorabilia. If you have forgotten your fishing pole, or are in need of a Knolle Farm & Ranch shirt, we can help you out there too! Don’t forget to ask about our little commissary, where you might find the perfect remembrance, or just that special piece you’ve been looking for.

(Lastly, the horse-stalls in the back part of the barn are still functional; but, are separated w/ large, antique doors that give both the horses and the humans “their space” No Riding, please.)

Barn window Sitting area inside a barn


saddles on display in tack room
decorative items for sale in tack room

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