The past and the present weave their threads together in gentle unison, resulting in a perfect celebration of nature, Texas history, and hospitality at this Corpus Christi small luxury hotel and Texas ranch wedding venue. Yes, our Texas history runs deep, with layers of known civilizations and cultures , and fascinating narratives told, with this as their setting. Texas Indians declared this valley their home 2000-3000 years ago, with Tancahua and Karankawa Indians finding the high bluffs above the river ideal home-sites, with water and good hunting and fishing below. In the 1850s, this was the sight of battles fought in the Texas /Mexico revolution, with fascinating tales and ghost stories are centered around the Nueces River and the Irish, Old San Patricio Colony.

More recently, In the 1920s, Knolle Jersey Farm was established, eventually growing into the World’s Largest Jersey Farm, and a home to generations who built families and lives here. The name “Knolle” became a household word in South Texas, with the highest quality dairy products delivered daily, the entertaining weekly “Milkman” article in the newspaper, along with bus-loads of school children viewing the gentle Jersey being milked. Additionally, thousands of boy scouts found this the ideal setting, along the river, for years of Boy Scout Camporees. “The Farm”, (as it was lovingly known), grew, the headquarters, “show barn”, Knolle General Store, and various houses, found life in the early 1930s, becoming a small “community” in itself, with hundreds of loyal employees knowing the stability and safety of life at Knolle Farms. Out of this strong and stable, agrarian life came diversification, with prime beef cattle exchanging places with the Jersey cows of days past, and, new worlds marked by goals of sustainability and conservation becoming the norm, as we pursue our interests in Farm to Table foods, “The Bees Kneeshoney, and Texas olives.

With great love and devotion, in 1996, new energy was breathed into the walls of these historic buildings, and this land. Knolle Farm & Ranch Bed, Barn and Breakfast was created, and this private historic Texas ranch again opened its doors to guests. Wherever possible, our goal is sustainability, attempting to use re-claimed materials and architectural elements, and retain the historic charm of these buildings, (many of which were built in the 1930s). The legacy of hospitality continues on today, as visitors are welcomed to this world that knows such serenity, in its tranquil setting and long Texas history. Combine this with an ever vital energy and desire to create, evolve, and share, the results being a charming chapel and ranch wedding venue, orchards and gardens, and so much more, and you have Knolle Farm & Ranch B&B. Yes, Cannon balls, arrow heads, dinosaur bones, old milking machine parts, cow skulls, champagne corks, and, yes, love notes, all have belonged here and are parts of our South Texas history and the world in which we live and welcome guests.

Historical marker about the Cattle Drives from South Texas
barn pre-bed and breakfast

Barn pre-Bed & Breakfast, 1985

old flyer for Knolle Jersey Farmsarticle from the MilkmanLarge and small well worn cowboy bootscouple in from of the Knolle General Store