Our Purpose & Repsonponsibility


Sometimes folks ask us, “why do you do this year after year, and continue to expand, delighting guests who return year after year”?

In a nutshell, we love what we do! It is a joy to share our blessings and gifts with others, encouraging relationships and creatively as they interact with nature. We are very aware of our responsibilities as landowners to be “stewards of the land”, to protect and conserve the environment, continually enlarging amenities to allow others to partake in, and interact with Mother Nature and the blessings that we know. Everything we do here is a Celebration in Nature! Guests are celebrating in the midst of these wonders, savoring sumptuous Farm to Table cuisine, relishing in sporting traditions such as Texas hunting, shooting, and fishing, or experiencing first -hand the miracles of creation that open their eyes to this world, as they explore the possibilities of Knolle Farm & Ranch.

Whenever possible, our food is locally sourced and sustainable, incorporating our own produce in our culinary creations. Lush vegetable gardens yield fresh produce and herbs, our chickens supply a plethora of farm fresh eggs daily, Knolle bees politely furnish us with “The Bees Knees” Honey, (an enchanting nectar from our native plants), and our olive orchard, so carefully nurtured for years, is producing Texas olives, so full of flavor. Natural resources, buildings, architectural elements, and an array of materials from “The Farm” continue to find new uses as we evolve and honor sustainability. Eco-tourism, birding, and wildlife management, are thriving under our always watchful eyes. All in all, we are preserving a Texas history and heritage, a way of life, and a background that will, hopefully instill in a new generation some of the values that we hold dear. It is with such a joy that we also realize and rejoice in a higher value in all of our efforts, encouraging life to be a truly a “Celebration In Nature”.

father, son and dog bird hunting
a collection of vegtables from garden
boys feeding chickens at Knolle Farm & Ranch
deer looking at camera
Catholic wedding mass