Visits & Planning

Visits & Planning

THE PROCESS – Starting The Fun

Making your wedding reflect you is what makes our job so exciting and special! We are dying to hear your ideas, your dreams, and help find ways for them to come to life. We are a super creative group and not only do we have lots of things of our own to work with, we can incorporate almost any ideas you may throw at us and usually find ways to even save you money.

Drop us a note, give us a call, we look forward to knowing you! Once you give us just a bit of direction and an idea of what you are thinking of, we can get you tons of info on prices and what we can do for you. If you like what you discover, we look forward to meeting in person, touring the facilities and getting to know all about you and what you are envisioning. Because we are a very “un-commercial” venue, putting so much of our personal selves into all we do, our goal is not booking multiple weddings; but, to book the weddings that we know will be a good fit.

We never just book a wedding, rushing a bride with fears of “not getting a date”. Instead, we look at the big picture, help her determine a budget, and, when all looks good, we set the date, and start on this amazing journey. The planning and advice given at Knolle Farm comes from years of in- depth expertise of creating, hosting and juggling a myriad of details. We provide so much for brides, and can guide and make recommendations that will make this experience joyous and stress free, and.. there is no extra charge for the coordination if KFR services. Once you have signed on, directed us, and we fine tune your details, hopefully your only jobs are to worry about yourself, feel the love, and enjoy this adventure, confident that we’ll take it from there. Together with our amazing, full service staff, we will then be able to prepare everything for the festivities and watch you begin your new life with nothing but smiles!

bride looking out of the chapel archway
bride looking out the window
bride blowing kisses to groom with chapel in background

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