Wedding Flowers in Corpus Christi, TX

Reflecting Personality



At Knolle Farm & Ranch, arranging wedding flowers in Corpus Christi, TX is not an added chore for families or friends. Truthfully, there is very little needed to add to the beauty and charm, except for the fun touches that make wedding decorations super special. Of course, we love producing amazing floral creations, and ours are truly amazing! From table centerpieces, to garlands, pew markers, boutonnieres, and, of course, the most important wedding bouquet, our floral pieces are individually produced to reflect the personality of every bride. They can be simple nosegays, or single vases, rustic, refined, or filled with lush peonies, garden roses, and orchids, or possibly just woodsy greenery. Regardless, combine fresh flowers flown in from California, with an overload of creative efforts from our floral designers, and the results are always impeccable and worthy of this most special day!

If a bride wants to bring in some fun personal touches, we welcome those; although we ask that they be coordinated with us beforehand, please. We take our job so seriously, and are so meticulous about details and the organization thereof, that unknown surprises, particularly those that arrive late, or may not be suited for a situation such as a breezy day, can get complicated for everyone. (And DIY items often end up being more costly and stressful than anticipated.) We ask to be allowed to provide the essentials, therefore assuring that all will be beautiful and flawless in executing. Then, if the fun extras such as favors and cute signs get here, great, and if not, you can be assured the wedding go forwards as beautifully planned.

outdoor wedding in the chapel with beautiful flower arch
flower decorations and centerpiece
flower arrangements on church pews
flower centerpiece with a pumpkin vase
floral bouquet
fine details of a bridal bouquet

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