About the Innkeepers

Innkeepers Steve and Beth Knolle Naiser have a unique partnership that allows the bed and breakfast to offer the very best in ambiance, service and amenities. Both have operated in agriculture-based industries for the past 20 years – Steve in grass planting and Beth in raising beef cattle. They fully understand and adhere to the practice of “land stewardship” as keeping their ranch beautiful and healthy results in a thriving community of wildlife, cattle and people — all who share in the delicious bounty that land-ownership brings. They also share a love of entertaining and of welcoming their guests from near and far into their lives.

Their individual strengths and talents also contribute to the ranch and bed and breakfast. Beth, with a degree in art from the University of Texas, brings a creative mind and love of aesthetics, interior decorating, landscaping and renovation. She has been responsible for most of the motif of the bed and breakfast exteriors, as well as the combinations of styles inside each cottage. Her favorite styles are French country, British colonial and simple East Coast charm, interspersed with splashes of color native to the Caribbean West Indies. Beth has also been a pioneer in the current ranching industry trend of diversification. Small ranches lack the economies of scale from which larger ranches benefit, which threatens their survival during cattle price downturns and droughts. To sustain themselves through cyclical troughs, small ranchers have realized over the last decade that they must diversify their income streams. The result hasn’t been just one of “survival” though; instead, it has allowed ranchers to more fully realize the potential that land ownership can bring and has opened many creative juice floodgates. Ranches have become thriving communities in themselves, with animal, plant and person becomingsymbiotically intertwined, each sharing in what the other naturally brings to life on earth.

Steve adds to the ranch his own talents, including attention to detail, strong management skills, a visionary mind, a disciplined work ethic and an organized approach, making sure everything is kept in line. His thriving grass company is a testimony to his business reputation and Knolle Farm & Ranch & Barn & Bed and Breakfast has been further enhanced by this. He has a tremendous personal reputation of consistency, fairness, knowledge, discipline and rugged personal charm. Steve is also able to take Beth’s unbridled creativity and mold the concepts she develops into ones that work economically.

Between Beth and Steve, they have 4 children. Pamela (Steve’s daughter) lives in Houston and is married and a full-time mom. Emilie (Steve’s daughter) lives in St. Louis and is a teacher. Dabney (Beth’s oldest daughter) is a married mom and practices maritime law in Corpus Christi, and Mandy (Beth’s youngest) is a consultant and assists with certain activities on the ranch.