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Innkeepers Stephen and Beth Knolle Naiser have a unique partnership that allows the Knolle Farm & Ranch Bed and Breakfast to offer a unique ambiance, service and amenities. Both have operated in agriculture-based industries for the past 40+ years – Steve in custom grass planting and Beth in raising Texas beef cattle. They adhere to practices of “land stewardship”, as they are continually adding to, improving, and diversifying interests on this farm and ranch. Always encouraging a focus on nature, sustainable farming and living, and creative thinking, they provide a home for a thriving community of wildlife, cattle and people — all who share in the delicious bounty that Texas ranches bring. They also share a love of entertaining and of welcoming their guests from near and far into their lives.

Their individual talents also contribute to the ranch and Texas bed and breakfast. Beth, with a degree in Art & Interior Design from UT, brings a creative mind and love of aesthetics, interior decorating, landscaping and renovation. She has been responsible for most of the motif of the bed and breakfast exteriors, as well as the combinations of styles inside each cottage. Combining French country, British colonial and simple East Coast charm, you’ll find bright colors, shutters, white fences, and her personal touches throughout. Beth was a pioneer in the current ranching industry trend of ranch diversification, eco-tourism, sustainable farming, and recreational use of the land. Twenty plus years ago, her ideas of opening a private Texas ranch to the public was a “novel” idea, and Texas wedding venues on working ranches were basically non-existent. Today, such venues are popping up in every area of Texas. But, few are as authentic, as historic, or as devoted to promoting true agrarian values as Knolle Farm & Ranch.

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Steve adds his own myriad of talents, including attention to detail, strong management skills, a visionary mind, disciplined work ethic, and, an organized approach, making sure everything runs smoothly. His thriving custom grass planting business is a testimony to his business reputation and Knolle Farm & Ranch & Barn & Bed and Breakfast has been greatly enhanced by his strong, loving presence here. He has a tremendous personal reputation of consistency, fairness, knowledge, discipline, and so much rugged personal charm. Steve can take Beth’s unbridled energy and creativity, and mold those dreams into real life creations!

Between Beth and Steve, they have 4 grown daughters, and an ever-growing pile of grandchildren. Pamela (Steve’s daughter) lives in Houston and is married and a full-time mom. Emilie (Steve’s daughter) lives in St. Louis, married, and a teacher. Dabney (Beth’s oldest daughter) is a married mom, practicing maritime law in Corpus Christi, and Mandy (Beth’s youngest) is a retired investment banker, married mom, residing in Austin…. But, we can’t forget Glen and Katie-a nephew, wife and children, who add that needed “boy” to this group of daughters. His love of the ranch and our way of life make him a frequent “fixture” here. It’s quite a gang, of whom we are so proud- all are special, unique, extremely talented and successful in their own rights, and true blessings in our lives!

photo of Beth and Steve Knolle Naiser
Family photo