River Fun


Hidden beneath high banks, the Nueces River provides us a myriad of gifts, and a very private place to relax to the sights and sounds of another life. With little public access, and largely undeveloped surroundings, our ranch enjoys a unique river frontage, where guests can picnic, swim, fish for a prized catfish, or enjoy exploring the river by kayak or canoe.

This hidden gem, provides a calm refuge in the modern world, allowing one’s mind to wander and wonder as to the interesting history of this little known river. Filled with historical intrigue, the Nueces River, (that is so much a part of our lives), and neighboring San Patricio, have been the site of much fascinating Texas history. From the Carancuaha & Tonkoa … Indians who hunted here on the high bluffs, to early Texas settlers who fought for these lands in the 1850s, this river valley has centuries of Texas written all over it. With old fort sites near-by, tales of buried gold and a cannon, ghost stories of James McGloin and “the Woman in Green”, on top of a 10 year archaeological dig in recent years, one might imagine this as an over-run historical area. Somehow, though, this land strangely lives on as quietly and hidden as it might have 3000 years ago when Indians made their homes right where you might lay down a hand stitched quilt for a delightful picnic!

couple on canoe down the river

NOTE: For your enjoyment, we will be happy to supply a special picnic and bottle of champagne. Or guests who have experience on the water, may use of our kayaks and canoes. The River may not always be in condition for you to enjoy due to possible flooding or natural occurrences. Please give us prior notice if desiring to enjoy any of these amenities.)

couple enjoying a picnic lunch by the river

Ready to indulge in gracious hospitality?