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Wedding Cakes – Catering – Corpus Christie, TX

Luscious Creations

Oh, what glorious creative endeavors! As with most other things, we fell into making wedding cakes in Corpus Christie, TX unknowingly the day we had to pick up and repair a 5- tier cake brought in by an outside baker, (right before the wedding started). Since that day, we have supplied some amazing creations, as per brides’ requests. You are not limited to choosing #1, #2, or #3 cakes, as in some bakeries. We see cakes as one more avenue to let our creativity shine, and can supply a number of different, flavors and styles. Doing both buttercream and fondant cakes, or cupcakes, including amazing “painted” and decorated fondant cakes, or desserts, a bride can usually let her imagination fly too. Cakes are delicious, classically elegant, always fresh, and they can certainly steal the show… Show us your ideas, point us the direction you want, and I bet we can supply it!

(We have found it best to stick to our in house cakes; but, we do have a couple of outside cake bakers whose cakes we are happy to allow brought in. Please inquire if we cannot supply your specific desire. – See list of Approved vendors.)

Bridal cakes
groom's cake
buffet table beautifully set with appetizers


We also provide wedding catering prepared as you wish, tweaked as suits you best, not the same boring menus, and, always served beautifully! Should you settle for less on your wedding day? We do have a menu of the most popular items guests desire; so, you can choose from a variety of dishes, or, you can add a favorite something you might be yearning for. With our own exciting and capable, in -house catering team, you are not confined to just choosing from our menu. We are pretty flexible, and want to hear your thoughts. Always using the highest quality, made from scratch, locally grown ingredients, and prepared to the highest standards, we will not compromise on quality or standards.

The majority of wedding couple choose to have food served buffet style on our fun lighted serving wagon; but, they also have the option of stations, (draped or casual), passed appetizers, or can enjoy having their food elegantly plated and seated, with all the finery…(Please inquire as to serving options and different possibilities on plates and cutlery.)


chef cutting meat
buffet set with fruit, olives, and bread
catering skewers
dinner served on a white china plate

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