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Events, Rehearsal Dinners, Private Dinners and Corporate Meetings are always welcome affairs at Knolle Farm & Ranch. With hospitality and personal attention being our specialties, we consider any sort of get together as a celebration and treat it as such. Formal or informal, structured or impromptu and relaxed, we have both facilities and a very competent staff to meet your needs. Meetings, Gatherings and Business events enjoy a general camaraderie and productivity, as participants meet and socialize, usually enjoying our event facilities and patios to gather, socialize and meet. Meals are usually provided, as well as set up of meeting areas.

Popular sites for Rehearsal Dinners include casual seating around the pool or in the barn. Picnic tables, butcher paper, and quilts might replace linens and dressy seating, while others might choose an elegant dinner in our beautiful event room, or by candlelight in an unexpected rustic or outdoor setting. We have even had amazing private seated dinners, complete with chandeliers, porcelain and stemware in a “civilized” barn setting! (Talk about “Rustic Chic”!)

Private Dinners are so very wonderful and elegant at Knolle Farm, and allow our catering staff to really shine! These dinners can range from 5 – 65, and every detail and ingredient is chosen with meticulous attention. From china and cutlery choices, to napkins, flowers, seating, and menu choices, our staff goes overboard to make private dinners a true extension of the hosts and the hospitality that they hope to share with their guests. Tell us what you hope to share, give us a bit of direction, and our staff will run with it, and enjoy every minute of providing that special, festive dinner that will bring raves from your guests.

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