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South Texas is renowned for it’s outdoor sports and adventures, both on the land and the water.  With mild winters and warm summers, almost every day is one to enjoy recreational diversions, particularly out of doors.  Knolle Farm & Ranch wants to extend our South Texas hospitality and include guests from all over the world, just as we welcome the very special “Winter Texans”, who historically join us as their winter home away from home, and who enjoy partaking in the array of outdoor diversions which we offer. We are not “tour-guides”, with most guests enjoying the informal “freedom” we allow; therefore, at Knolle Farm & Ranch, most activities are unsupervised, with use of lots of the amenities at minimal rental fee, or no fee at all, to our guests. (Our normal rule of thumb is “If we incur a cost, we pass it on, if not, there is often no cost to guests.) Hiking, swimming, play-ground use, fishing, birding, photography, exploring the acres of farm and ranch, including the olive orchard, garden, and getting to know “our critters”.  There are fees for such things as our guided hunts, skeet shooting, cooking classes, or if guests need special guidance or help.  (We’ll even line up a personal massage in your private quarters with sufficient notice, please.)

There is so much to do here, however, our first priority is to encourage guests to come prepared to really relax and let the pressures of the world pass them by. Soak up some special “Me” time, renew friendships, marriages, and family life, while we pamper you and attempt to meet your every need. These memories, celebrating life, are what we treasure for years, and we want to be a part in helping those memories take place.

Short, 45 + minute day trips to Corpus Christi, Padre Island, Rockport, and surrounding areas are also popular ways for guests to get off the farm and enjoy what South Texas has to offer. We’ll even set you up with a guided tour for fishing, touring the King Ranch, or lots more nearby.

NOTE: Mother Nature does govern much of our ability to enjoy some outdoor adventures; therefore, we cannot always guarantee access to all of them. We ask that guests be understanding of possible limitations, including rain and inclement weather. Also, as safety is our number one concern, the outdoors may expose guests to certain possible risks. Some of our offerings are geared to adults, and are not appropriate for children, or those that may not be familiar with them. We request that guests sign liability releases and share our safety concerns also. Please let us know when booking if interested in enjoying any activities here; we want to be prepared for your needs.

Sometimes the best thing to do is RELAX...


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